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Westat is evaluating the Independence Project which helps new veterans get jobs after the military

Improving Lives Through Research®

Westat is a professional service corporation that conducts high-quality, nonpartisan studies on education, health, information systems, social policy, and transportation issues.

This study is funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. In this study, Westat researchers will be tracking changes in your quality of life and work related outcomes as you progress through the work programs and gain employment. The researchers will combine and summarize the data from all veterans who take part in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs.

For those who contact us expressing interest in the study, a Westat research assistant will promptly call or email you to discuss the study and your role in participating in the study. For those interested in taking part, the research assistant will set up a screening interview with you. The research assistant will conduct a screening interview with you and if you qualify, the research assistant will set up an enrollment interview to determine which program you will receive.

The research assistant will check in with you every four months and conduct a formal interview with you every year for three years.  Westat will keep your personal information private. Westat will not share your information with the Veterans Affairs (VA), the Department of Defense (DoD) or any other entity at any point during the study or thereafter.