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“Because of this program, I was able to find and start my new job immediately after going on Terminal Leave. With the help they’ve given me, I’m proud to say it’s been a successful first 6 months in my new career.”

Shawn, former Navy CPO, now in systems management

“The Independence Project definitely helped me get a job and approach my transition with greater confidence.”

“It’s comforting knowing that the surveys done and data compiled will help shape the VA to something that will aid all future disabled veterans. I truly can’t thank them enough for the tools they gave me during my transition.”

Erik, former Marine Corps MSgt, now a senior maintenance analyst

“The Independence project was monumental in my finding employment!”

Chelsi, former Air Force SSgt, now a technical trainer for Volvo

“I’ll admit that when I first contacted the Independence Project, I was a little apprehensive. Looking back now on my transition out of the military, I found their services to be indispensable towards my gaining employment.”

Harvey, retired Air Force SMsgt, now an aerospace science in instructor for the Palm Springs Unified School District, California

“With help from everyone at the Independence Project, I now have a job almost immediately from transitioning and a stable home life.”

Jesse, former Marine Sergeant

“Great program, I learned a lot…I will use what I learned to keep looking for my next job and/or moving up the ladder at my current job.”

Anthony, a former Air Force MSgt

“This program can single handedly change the transition process for all military personnel and their families for the better. I am thankful for this opportunity and I wish all service members could experience all the benefits that this program has to offer.”

Dominique, a former Army SPC

“It has been a true blessing to have come across the Independence Project and the true professionals who work there as they empower veterans to succeed.”

Mario, a former Army SFC