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Frequently Asked Questions 2018-09-10T16:53:45+00:00
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Who decides which employment service I receive? 2018-09-10T16:49:49+00:00
We use a computer-generated program to randomly assign you to either the National Career Coach Program or Local Community Resources Program. You have a 50:50 chance. At the end of your enrollment interview, the research assistant will tell you your program assignment and next steps.
What do I need to do for the research study? 2018-09-10T16:49:03+00:00
Everyone in the project participates in research telephone interviews for three years. There are longer interviews that take about an hour each year and shorter, 10 minute interviews in between at four and eight months. For each longer interview you receive $50 and each shorter interview $20.
Can I start the program if I am still in the military, but separating soon? 2018-02-09T20:24:32+00:00
Yes. If you are still on active duty, you will be able to start the program. In order to attend the 4-day orientation, you should apply for a pass or leave. The sooner you start planning for your transition, the better off you’ll be.
Do I need to have a particular service-connected disability to qualify? 2018-02-12T15:41:15+00:00
No. To qualify you must be:
  • Interested in getting a job
  • Discharge in the past 12 months OR have a discharge date in the next 8 months
  • Served at least 6 months of active duty
  • Be/Have been an enlisted service-member between ranks E1 – E9
  • Have applied for a disability rating
  • Under 45 years of age
If you are unsure you if you qualify, send us a message on our Contact Us page.
Do I have to give up any benefits to participate? 2018-01-11T14:33:49+00:00
No. You will continue to have access to all Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), and other government benefits for which you are eligible.


Do I have to live in a particular place to participate? 2018-01-11T14:26:21+00:00
No. Aside from an all-expenses-paid 4-day orientation in Atlanta, Georgia, all supports and coaching will be provided remotely. You will be able to live anywhere you like.


Will my surveys and personal information be shared with the Veterans Affairs (VA) or Department of Defense (DoD)? 2018-01-11T14:23:57+00:00
No. Westat is a professional service corporation that is independent from the VA, DoD, and the employment programs. We will not share any of your personal information. Westat will be professionally securing all information and we will only release statistics about the group as a whole.


Will you share my information with my employer or potential employers? 2018-01-11T14:21:13+00:00
No. We will not share any of your information with your employer or potential employers.
This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch? 2018-01-11T14:19:31+00:00
There is no catch. Our generous donors have made it possible for us to offer this program to you. We are interested to see how well it works for you!

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